What is the Supply Chain Challenge++ ?

Supply Chain Challenge++ (SCC++) is a case competition open to full-time polytechnic and ITE students.

Organised by the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), SCC++ is designed to be a platform for students to experience the logistics industry and try their hands at tackling real-life supply chain issues.

Finalist teams get to be mentored by logistics professionals from a Mentor Partner for a period of five weeks – applying their logistics knowledge to understand a real-life challenge faced by the Mentor Partner and propose a feasible solution.

The SCC++ Industry Track

In addition to the student component of the challenge, this year’s SCC++ will feature an industry track whereby solution providers, such as start-ups and SMEs, will be invited to apply their product to address the real-life challenges. This first-of-its-kind multi-party collaboration seek to accelerate innovation thinking and foster partnership through the use of technology and geospatial sciences.

The Technology Track is supported by GeoWorks in partnership with Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and InnoSpace+.

For more information on the SCC++ Industry Track, please visit www.GeoWorks.sg/Challenges.

The SCC++ Experience

Lasting from April to July, SCC++ will see various activities that provide opportunities for participants to interact with logistics professionals, hear their stories and find out about the career opportunities available in the industry.

SCC++ Official Launch: 27 April 2018

  • Introduction to mentor companies

Finals: 25 July 2018

  • The finalist teams will showcase their recommendations to the public and a panel of judges, where the champion, first runner-up and the second runner-up will be chosen.

Are You Game For The Challenge?


Singapore Logistics Association (Co-Organiser)

Established since 1973, the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) aims to represent the Singapore logistics industry and advance professionalism and excellence to promote high standards in industry practices.

Its growing membership of more than 570 business entities today offers a diverse scope of logistics activities spanning international freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution operations, container depot operations, transport services, postal parcels, relocations and move management specialists, as well as other logistics ancillary support services.

As a trade association, SLA seeks to fulfil its objectives in close collaboration and engagement with logistics companies and professionals, institutions and academia, industry organisations and partners, government agencies, as well as international organisations and businesses. For more information, please visit www.sla.org.sg

The incorporation of its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Logistics Academy, in 2010 marked a step forward in SLA’s commitment towards providing quality training and lifelong learning for the logistics workforce.

For more information, please visit www.tla.edu.sg

Singapore University of Social Sciences (Co-organiser)

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is one of Singapore’s six autonomous universities and its mission is to provide lifelong education that equips learners to serve society. Home to more than 15,000 students, SUSS provides an applied education that targets both fresh school leavers and adult learners, with a focus on the social sciences. It adopts a flexible and practice-focused learning approach and offers more than 70 degree programmes in various disciplines. Eligible students taking SUSS’s undergraduate programmes enjoy government subsidies and access to government bursaries, tuition fee loans and study loans. For more information on Singapore University of Social Sciences, please visit www.suss.edu.sg.

Participating Partner

GeoWorks is an industry co-innovation space where the Singapore Land Authority brings together geospatial companies, corporate users and the government, to grow a vibrant geospatial ecosystem through co-creation of solutions and business opportunities.

GeoWorks aims to promote and proliferate the use of geospatial information science and technology to support sectoral digitalisation and to elevate the geospatial industry for Smart Nation. The focus is to help create solutions using location and map-based technologies to enhance business opportunities and productivity, and provide geospatial solutions for the Singapore public and businesses.

GeoWorks will partner with public agencies and industries in conducting thematic challenges and industry events to catalyse innovative solutions and business opportunities.  There will be year-round holistic programmes at GeoWorks to bring in and help groom the geospatial-based start-ups and companies, local and global, into successful ventures. Through this, we aim to cultivate local geospatial start-ups, grow industry expertise, and attract emerging foreign geospatial companies to set foot in Singapore. www.geoworks.sg/challenges

Mentor Partners

Allied Container (Engineers and Manufacturers) Pte. Ltd.

Allied Container (Engineers and Manufacturers) Pte. Ltd., also known as ACEM, was established in 1982. We are a container yard operator and provide container haulage to over 20 leading shipping lines and agents namely APL, OOCL and ONE etc. In our container yards, we offer services such as container storage, pre-trip inspection, container repair and container washing for our valued customers.

We use a fleet of modern equipments including 8-high stackers, 42-ton heavy lift machines and 10-ton forklifts to handle both empty and laden containers. Currently, we operate on 11.48 ha of land here in Singapore. In addition, we have business in other regions such as Myanmar (Yangon) and UAE (Abu Dhabi) etc.

To find out more, please visit https://www.allied.com.sg/index.html

Bok Seng Logistics Pte Ltd

Bok Seng Logistics Pte Ltd part of the Bok Seng Group, is backed by more than 43 years of experience, an ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, and having attained Biz SAFE Star status, is in the business of providing total logistics services since 1975. Bok Seng Logistics main business activities include Integrated Logistics Management and Project Logistics Management.

Integrated Logistics Management
• Container Trucking
• Conventional Trucking
• Container Depot Management
• Warehousing & Distribution

Working closely with our clients, we will tailor and structure our services to meet your logistics needs including your warehousing and distribution requirements resulting in efficient management, delivery, trucking and distribution of goods at competitive costs, enhanced service level and improved productivity.

Project Logistics Management
• Heavy Haulage
• Heavy Lift
• Positioning & Installation
• Specialized Movers
• Marine Logistics
• Tug & Barge Operations

In Project Logistics Management, we are specialists in the management of projects with complex logistics needs. We employ project management techniques to custom design packages meeting the specialised needs of the clients, be it in infrastructure developments such as power plants, petrochemical plants, mass rapid transport, bridges/tunnels, modules and electrical houses for oil, gas and marine related projects, total plants transfer, transformers, machineries, reactors, or elevators and escalators installation. Our team of experienced professionals undertakes the planning, forecasting and pre-scheduling every move before its execution giving the customer complete confidence.

Seamless Solutions / Track Record
Over the years, Bok Seng Logistics has built up its reputation as a one-stop logistics’ services provider providing reliable services to its customers. We worked closely with our customers and strategic partners so as to offer services and solutions meeting their needs in the area of integrated logistics and project logistics. Our involvement may include receiving and handling of cargo or equipment at Port, trucking, temporary storage with necessary value-added support activities, before trucking or shipment to final destination whether in Singapore or a regional country where positioning or installation of cargo or equipment may be carried out.

We own a large and relatively young fleet of prime movers, hydraulic and crawler cranes, multi-axle modular trailers, lorry cranes, covered trucks and other specialist vehicles.  Leveraging on our core competencies, vast assets, comprehensive and integrated facilities and together with our strategic partners to grow our logistics services in serving customers and meeting their requirements.

Our customers includes both foreign and local MNCs, international freight forwarders, oil majors and SMEs.

For more information, please visit our website at www.bokseng-IPL.com

Sin Chew Woodpaq Pte Ltd

Started as a traditional wooden case manufacturer in the 1970s, Sin Chew has since evolved and transformed from our humble beginning to a One-Stop Packaging Hub. Our staff strength has grown from the initial 8 to current 110, and we are still hiring. Sin Chew is a veteran company with more than 40 years of experience in protecting and positioning assets and businesses.


We believe our business is about time and care.

And we put reliability over conveniences.

Reliability isn’t given. It is earned.

Build strong wooden case. Pack with care. Move & lift safe.

And accomplish on time. Consistently.


Don’t you want reliability, don’t you want control?

Because, that’s what we want.

Sin Chew wants to crate, pack, lift and move for you.

Every step is handled by Sin Chew.


That gives you a peace of mind.

That gives you control.


That’s why we are the true One-Stop Packaging Solutions in Singapore.

Customers appreciate “Our Everything is Possible” attitude combined with synergetic solutions and adaptability, saving them costs, time and resources.

Sin Chew’s vital role is to essentially protect and position your assets and businesses.

For more information, please visit  http://sin-chew.com.sg/


ThunderQuote is a procurement software and B2B services marketplace that connects organisational buyers to service providers in various industries such as Marketing, IT, Events or Contractors. ThunderQuote is a one-stop sourcing platform for every service companies need. It connects more than 10,000 vendors in Singapore and over 2000 corporate buyers.

ThunderQuote Enterprise provides a subscription-based cloud procurement software (SaaS) for buyer companies (>$10 million revenue) that makes their entire sourcing, outreach and communication process with vendors paperless, summarised, and visible, with full audit trails on what decisions & communications have been made.

In doing so, ThunderQuote Enterprise enables buyer companies to improve procurement visibility & compliance while making procurement processes digital and more convenient than manual processes- enabling a high level of governance without compromising speed of execution for personnel.

For more information, please visit https://www.thunderquote.com/


VersaFleet™ believes that every business should be powered by software that’s easy to live with. We tackle transportation’s $60 billion dollar ‘empty miles’ problem by advancing global supply chain from the ground up. Incubated by Get2Volume and NUS Enterprise, the company has raised about SGD1 million to date. With 350% year-on-year growth, VersaFleet™ is actively used by hundreds of vehicles across ASEAN.

Through VersaFleet™, we are revolutionising everyday logistics through simple yet powerful cloud software.  Fully browser-based, VersaFleet™ is a central operations portal that enables operators to track incoming job orders, assign trips and dispatch their drivers instantly via our mobile companion app, VersaDrive™. With real-time notifications, operators enjoy 24/7 visibility over collection & delivery statuses. Powered by route optimisation, VersaFleet™ can assign and dispatch hundreds of jobs in mere seconds. VersaFleet™ aims to be the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the every-man in global logistics.

For more information, please visit https://versafleet.co/

Winspec Logistics Services Pte. Ltd.

Established since 2006, Winspec Logistics Services Pte. Ltd. is one of Singapore’s leading providers of freight forwarding services. We provide freight, local transportation, container trucking, local distribution and logistics solutions that support our customer’s business in Singapore. We started the container trucking and local delivery services with just 7 prime movers, 3 lorries and 50 chassis. To date, we have increased and expanded our business to 21 prime movers, 7 lorries and over 100 chassis.

Winspec Logistics has its own warehouse facilities located at No. 6 Tuas Avenue 6. With a total warehouse space of 118,113 square feet, we offer reliability and flexibility services geared for the various requirements of our customer with full knowledge of business environment in Singapore. We provide one-stop warehouse services such as stuffing and unstuffing, picking and packing, palletising and unpalletising, labelling, port clearance, shipping and trade documentation etc. Aside from these, our warehouse is AVA-approved to store products such as flour and sugar etc.

For more information, please visit https://www.winspecgroup.com/